National Development Welfare Program (NDWP) was established on June 10 1996 vide Registration No. DDSW (DGK) 96/154/1996 by the Government of Punjab. Renowned Lawyer and Social Scientist Sardar Manzoor Ahmed Khan was founder and first Chairman of the organization. The NDWP first set up office in South Punjab District  Muzaffargarh in 1996 as a Liason Office and then developed into a full program by 1997. NDWP wanted to help with local area development and also help flood stricken people  who had issues with refugee status and displaced personage.

The NDWP conducted Vocational institute for widows and poor studentsfrom 05.08.1996 to 28.08. 2000, by the financial assistance of Zakat and usher department district Muzaffargarh. While from 21.04.2000 to December 2002, NDWP also conducted another project for Poor women by the funding of Rs.3,41,000 of Trust for Volunteer organizations (TVO), Multan.

Where we work

Our dedicated personnel work in 6 districts  around the Punjab, from major cities to remote and often dangerous locations.